What is Filoscozia®?

Filoscozia® is the highest quality cotton using mainly Egyptian ultra-long cotton, known for its durability and natural sheen.Because cotton balls are hand-picked at the optimum ripeness, it can avoid the use of defoliants that are harmful to people.
First, the entangled fibres are combed to reorder them and so eliminates the residual, shorter and weaker fibres, and the yarn is twisted together. Then it is gassed in order for the flame to smooth the yarn, and by further mercerization, it acquires lustre, uniformity and resistance, and gives it absorption and un-shrinkable qualities to the fibres.
Filoscozia® is dyed using only colors and auxiliaries that meet the human-ecological requirements set by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 which is appropriate for baby products. The water used in processing is purified, tested and recycled and reduces environmental impact. By dyeing it twice in the same dye, the colors are strong in vivid, a unique characteristic of Filoscozia®.
Garments made with Filoscozia® are natural, resistant, shiny, un-shrinkable and durable. Washed repeatedly, they maintain their quality, comfort and elegance. The quality of the brand has been safeguarded and promoted since 1982 by a non-profit Organization of Italian companies with significant know-how in the manufacturing sector. The Filoscozia® fabrics and garments each carry a guarantee certificate and a holographic label, which is of course given to products of AROMATIQUE | CASUCA.

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